Mette Søndergaard

Occupational Therapy Education

Educated from 1984-1986 on University College Absalon. Approved from the Association ETF in 2011 as Specialist-OT in Neurorehabilitation.

Assessment of Motor and Process Skills, AMPS-faculty

First AMPS course in 1998 and calibrated afterwards. AMPS faculty from 2000. Calibrated in Assessment of Compared Qualities-Occupational Performance, ACQ-OP in 2016.

Evaluation of Social Interaction, ESI-faculty

First ESI course in 2008 and calibrated afterwards. ESI faculty from 2010. Calibrated in Assessment of Compared Qualities-Social Interaction, ACQ-SI in 2016.

Further Education

Master of Medical Science in Occupational Therapy from Umeå Universitet, Sverige 2011.

Søndergaard, M. Fisher A. G.”Sensitivity of the Evaluation of Social Interaction Measures Among People With and Without Neurological or Psychiatric Disorders”. AJOT, May/June 2012, Vol. 66, No. 3, p. 356 – 362.
Kottorp A. Tomra Nielsen K., Søndergaard M. A tool to evaluate the clients selfreported judgment of the performance. Ergoterapeuten. 2010; 71; 4: 27-29
Søndergaard M. ESI. Ergoterapeuten. 2010; 71; 6-7: 28 – 29
Søndergaard M. AMPS. Fokus. 2010; 17; 4: 8 – 9
Co-author on Chapter 34 ”OT Intervention” in Neurologi and Neurorehabilitering, Munksgaard, 2006.
Poster about ”Rehabiltation” The OT Associations Congress May. 20.-21. 2003.

1991 A-ONE
1998 AMPS
2004 OTIPM, Anne Fisher (Lund/Sverige, 3.-5. maj 2004)
2006 OTIPM, Anne Fisher (Vejlefjord, 24.-26. okt. 2004)
2006 Refreshment course, A-ONE
2008 OTIPM Workshop (14.-16. apr. 2008)
2008 Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI) i København (28.-30. apr. 2008)
2008 Themeday with AMPS FNE (14. nov. 2008)
2013 Biostatistic 1, Lund University, Sweden
2015, 2+3 nov. ”Same, same, but different?”, Anne Fisher

Terms of Employment
1987-1990 Different temporay jobs
1991 Diakonissestiftelsens Geriatriske Center (DGC)
1992-2001 Diakonissestiftelsens Ældrecenter, Frederiksberg, different wards.
2001 - Freelance ergoterapeut, working with people with braininjuries, doing evaluations for Jobcenters, consultant for project or implementations of OTIPM, AMPS or/and ESI, teaching AMPS, ESI and OTIPM, workplace assessments, censor.
01.01 2012 – 31.01.2016 Parttime researchassistant at Parker Instituttet, FH.
2013 – 2017 Consultant at the Parkinson Association Rehabilitation project phase 4 and 5.
Sep. 2017 Teaching at the course “Neuropathogy & Neurorehabilitation”

Speaker on Theme days, for example

3. april 2017: ”The Good Life”, Occupational Therapy and Dementia, ”How is it to be a relative to a person with dementia” Every year speaker on theme days in Denmark arranged by the FNE AMPS.

2002 >> Censor at OT-Educations censorkorps


Project about collecting ESI data on well young people between 11 and 21, in collaboration with lektor Jette Andersen, UCN.
Project about power measurement by using the ESI with psychiatric patients before and after intervention en a Social Skills Training Group.

MSc OT, Freelance OT
Fortbildung Fachbereich
Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI) Geriatrie, Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention, Handverletzungen, Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Neurologie, Orthopädie, Pädiatrie, Psychiatrie, Rheumatologie